CPU Vendor String CPU Manufacturer Name
GenuineIntel Intel
AuthenticAMD AMD
CyrixInstead Cyrix
CentaurHauls Centaur
NexGenDriven NexGen
GenuineTMx86 Transmeta
Geode by NSC National Semiconductor
RiseRiseRise Rise

Flag (bit) Feature Description
0 fpu Floating Point Unit
1 vme Virtual Mode Extensions
2 de Debugging Extensions
3 pse Page Size Extensions
4 tsc Time Stamp Counter
5 msr Model-specific registers
6 pae Physical Address Extensions
7 mce Machine Check Exceptions
8 cxchg8 Compare and exchange 8-byte
9 apic On-chip APIC
10 n/a Reserved
11 sep Fast System Calls
12 mtrr Memory Type Range Registers
13 pge Page Global Enable
14 mca Machine Check Architecture
15 cmov Conditional move instruction
16 pat Page Attribute Table
17 pse36 36-bit Page Size Extensions
18 psn Processor Serial Number
19 clfl CLFLUSH, Description pending
20 n/a Reserved
21 dtes Debug Trace and EMON Store MSRs
22 acpi Thermal Control MSR
23 mmx MMX instruction set
24 fxsr Fast floating point save/restore
25 sse SSE (Streaming SIMD Extensions)
26 sse2 SSE2 (Streaming SIMD Extensions - #2)
27 ss Self Snoop
28 htt HyperThreading Technology
29 tm1 Thermal Interrupt & Status MSRs.
30 ia-64 IA-64 (64-bit Intel Itanium CPU)
31 pbe Pending Break Event