Seagate was founded in 1979 and was the first company to build 5.25-inch hard disc drives for the PC.

At the core of Seagate's success is its advanced development of Hard Disk drive products. Seagate is the market leader with products in 1-inch, 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch form factors, in both internal and external formats. In capacities ranging from 2.5 gigabytes to 500 gigabytes, this comprehensive line includes products for the price-sensitive desktop market, consumer electronics devices (handheld to in-home audio/video), pocket and portable storage, notebook computers and enterprise-class network servers.

Magnetic recording heads and rotating media are critical enabling technologies for advanced storage devices, and Seagate's strength in these areas allows it to supply the vast majority of its own components internally. Seagate's recording head operations manufactures advanced read/write heads for disc drives and tape drives, and is recognized as the world's highest volume manufacturer of magnetic recording heads.

The Seagate Mirra Personal Server, an all-in-one multiple-PC backup system, provides home and small business professionals with the ability to automatically back up, remotely access, and securely share digital files. The Mirra Personal Server has three integrated components: an always-on network appliance with three storage options; Windows PC software, and Web access services.